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An allegorical narrative flows across the cabins, an Environmentalist commentary and warning of the fate befalling mankind in the wake of careless destruction and violation of our planet, a living being in its own right. Archetypal imagery, inspired by ancient myth and tradition, denotes terrible transgression. An apple, the forbidden fruit, fragments in a burst of light and energy, as an opening jam jar unleashes a hoard of red demons, drawing allusions to Pandora's Box and the story of Genesis. | Mother EarthGaia, represented as a yellow-skinned, pink-haired being, appears in each cabin. In the first, she is a water-nymph gesturing warningly, whose glass home has been shattered. In the second, she is the hand rising up against a horned foe. The third cabin depicts the result of the colourful dance with destruction. Another skull, with the word love hidden in the jaw, cases a red being, whose heart erupts outwards, the soul leaving the body. Mother Earth looks over a decomposing skeleton. She has triumphed over her assailant, which returns to the soil. The word PEACE sits within the Gyan hand mudra, representing Muladhara, the Root Chakra, representing survival and grounding.