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Amy 2021 


Liz 2021
"I'm absolutely thrilled! Thanks so much Jess, the artwork you created for my sister's 50th birthday was unique and truly stunning. She loved it. As an expat I'm always looking out for ways to buy meaningful gifts online for my friends and family back home. Can't wait to come back for another Jessica Daisy Mannings creation!"⁠⁠


Jamie 2021
"This is by far the best gift I have ever received; it captures my girls so perfectly. Their individual personalities and moods shine out of their eyes and expressions, and the printed poster looks incredible in our living room."⁠⁠


Angela 2021

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Ethan 2021
I think your art is so perfect in so many ways to convey the new beginning and inspire people to share the journey.
🙏🏼💯❤ Mmmm... it's PERFECT! I love it, thank you!

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Katharina 2021

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Anna 2021

Untitled_Artwork 4.tiff

Jamie 2020


Gavin & Euan 2020

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Amy 2018

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Nathaly 2021 
Thank you my lovely, we all love it❣️ Such a special keepsake and generous gift.

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Dana 2021


Rachel 2021


Nathaly 2021

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Erica 2021


Alice 2021


Maddie 2020 
"The wonderful Jess! I was absolutely delighted to have Jess do a piece for my parents 20th wedding anniversary. We worked together to make sure everything was perfect, communication was so brilliant! When I saw the final piece I couldn’t believe how great it had turned out - everything I wanted captured in one drawing! I could not recommend commissioning Jess enough, overall a lovely person, brilliant communicator and she continued to add improvements that just made the piece better every time I looked at it! Worth every single penny!"⁠⁠


Ocdt Drysdale 2020
"I commissioned Jess with a leaving gift for my Platoon Sergeant, on behalf of the platoon. It was really important to us to give a unique gift he would keep forever, as we wanted him to know the depths of our appreciation, for his time and effort. Jess was so easy to work with, it was great bouncing ideas back and forth to come up with the perfect design. Even with a tight time deadline, Jess went above and beyond to ensure it was finished in time. The final product is incredible, the recipient absolutely loved it. Myself and the platoon will definitely use Jess again, we don't think anyone else can make such beautiful and personal gifts as she can."


José 2020


Simon 2017