Ethan's Angels

Meet Ethan Sisser, a unique human being who brought a profound message of love and bravery to the world through his battle with glioblastoma. I discovered Ethan while listening to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, while painting over quarantine in the UK. Ethan gave me a such strength and motivation in my isolation, and I felt compelled to reach out to him and offer him a piece of me, artist to artist, in appreciation. We got in touch, and over the next few weeks became friends, as I created his digital portrait. Ethan wanted the artwork to be the face of his death and rebirth, an empowered and evocative image, which I was honoured to create. As spiritual individuals and artists, we connected over a shared vision of spreading hope and bringing together a global community. Since Ethan's passing it has been truly humbling to see just how many people's lives he touched with his grace in the face of pain and death.

Ethan's journey was documented by filmmaker Scott Kirschenbaum, and produced by palliative care doctor Jessica Zitter. The film is a death-positive examination of alternate ways of dying; extremely valid in a society where the thing as natural as birth is perceived with so much fear and anxiety. Experiencing tragic loss of young life twice  in my life, my own practice has been highly influenced by an examination death, and the impermanence of reality. Partaking in the battle with mental health so many of us are on, I am incredibly motivated to express the beauty and sanctity of life, which is all the more sweeter, acknowledging our existence as the glorious fleeting flash of light in the vast void it is.

Donations are welcomed with gratitude in helping support the production of this important film. Please share and help pass on Ethan's message.

Teaser trailer: The Last Ecstatic Days (2022)
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