Age of Aquarius & Feminine Divine

The Age of Aquarius sees a return to the Divine Feminine and new higher states of frequency, and in the wake of this new energy I was excited by a rediscovery of Feminist theory, and new appreciation for the female form. A personal exploration and self-evaluation was sparked, specifically concerning ideas surrounding ideals of femininity and fertility.

I felt a strong inner-shift in beginning to appreciate the sheer impact patriarchal ideals have imposed on myself and society all my life. It was in many ways liberating to realise that many of my own personal anxieties stem from external values that do nothing to serve me, and can be released.

In the light of amenhorreaI reflected deeply on my relationship with my body, appreciating for the first time, its natural ability to create life. I pondered the possibility of whether this would ever be a gift unavailable to me, through self-inflicted ill-health, and how differently I would view my own form, if it was unable to carry out its traditional role. Fascinated with the power of the female body to bring forth new life, I started depicting the female anatomy, adorned and morphed with natural and floral imagery, reflecting our intrinsic bond with Nature and Mother Earth. I recognise in these images I use traditional depictions of femininity: as soft, and delicate. Of course, identifying as female does not require an adherence to this representation, and part of my research is an exploration of my own association with gender. There is a lot to unpick, and this is a topic I have always wanted to educate myself on, especially as we are all conforming to limiting societal norms that we are unaware of.


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