My name is Jessica Daisy Mannings, a British-born artist educated abroad in the small, sandy Island of Bahrain, and graduate of Loughborough University, BA (Hons) (First). I am normally based in Farnham, UK, but am presently in Bahrain. The physical act of creation is integral to my work, aligning with Abstract Expressionist ethos; emphasising the sacredness of spontaneous authenticity. Evidenced in my practice is a fervent fascination with the human mind, body and soul, and recognising the intrinsic link between the individual and their art, I blend my own subjective experience with creative process. Existence is a beautiful and chaotic journey of continual learning. My work advocated a passion for healing, personal growth, and wellbeing, realised through self-reflection, spirituality, and creative expression.

In painting I discovered a cathartic language of the soul. Advocating tools of self-reflection and realisation, I encourage anyone and everyone to uncover their own creative outlet, and be rewarded their own little piece of peace.



2 0 1 9  Loughborough University School of the Arts, English & Drama Outstanding Final Year Student

2 0 1 9  Loughborough University Development Trust Award

2 0 1 8  (Shortlisted) London ACS [Artists' Collecting Society] Materials Prize 

2 0 1 5  Outstanding Academic Achievement in Fine Art, DT Graphics & German


13. Feb. 2020  "Visual Impact", Group Exhibition

The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry, UK

8 - 16 Jun. 2019  Degree Show, Solo Exhibition

Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK

21 Feb. 2019  "Making a Mark", Group Exhibition

The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry, UK

13. Feb. 2017  "The Woolf Pack", Group Exhibition. 

Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK


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